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Day 10 – Does sex count towards Janathon?


The question in the title comes from hubby. I just thought I’d throw it out there. It might attract a few more (possibly dubious) followers. 😁

Tomorrow I’m back to work after a lovely 10-day-break, so I’m feeling a bit fragile.
On top of that I’ve been really tired these last two days – which may or may not be related to doing much more running than I’m used to.

Either way, I decided to skip running today and go for a nice long walk. It’s more gentle for the legs and the soul, especially on such a glorious day.

I was heading for the canal via the river, but had to turn around and find a different route because the footpath was flooded.
From the aqueduct I got a better view of the extent of the flooding.


I walked one of my favourite walks along the old unused canal arm.
It is usually empty, but there are attempts to reinstate it as a canal, so it is now pumped full with water to see whether it still retains the water as required by British Waterways.


It’s one of my favourite walks – usually quiet because not many people know about it.
Despite the old towpath lying quite high it was very muddy – not helped by the sheep grazing there.

I just took hope in knowing that in four months time or so, this field…


… will look like this:


Not so long!

When I got home teenage son had started cooking Sunday dinner. Good times!
Enjoy your evening, Janathoners x

Walk 13K


7 thoughts on “Day 10 – Does sex count towards Janathon?

  1. Lol!!! I suppose it depends whose putting the effort in 😉
    Lovely photos of your canal walk, where a outs in UK are you? We have a canal here in Worcester, but it never looks as scenic as this

  2. perfect day 🙂

  3. Not sure how to log that! Lol

  4. It’s a ‘no’ from me!!

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