One foot in front of the other

Day 11 – After-work-run


I survived my first day back at work.


I walked over 3K at lunchtime in a different part of town, because I was out on a home visit.
It’s feeling much colder now, especially after the mild winter we’ve had so far.

Here are a few plants I wouldn’t expect to be flowering this early…

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I usually work 8-4 and get back around 4:15. It was not quite dark, which gave me the incentive to go out for a run straight away.
I much prefer early morning runs, but on work days that’s more difficult.

Having had a pretty nasty fall while running in the dark a couple of months ago , which resulted in a whopping black eye and scrapes and bruises, I am now using a head torch.
Although hubby reckons its function is less to prevent me from falling and more to help me assess my injuries.

I wove my way up and down the local streets for 30 minutes. Done!

Walk 3.5K
Run 5K


2 thoughts on “Day 11 – After-work-run

  1. well done!

  2. Well that’s not very nice of him. Well done for getting straight out. Not easy!

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