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Day 12 – Change of plan

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Today I had planned a big day of cycling, from home to the hospital, then to the office, then to a later afternoon home visit and back home again – which should have clocked up 23K.

But then the weather forecast looked so wet and windy for the afternoon that I changed my mind.
I don’t mind cycling in the rain per se, but turning up for a home visit looking like a drowned rat just doesn’t seem very professional.

Because I was working until 6pm I had arranged to start working later.
I must have had a decent night sleep, because I woke up early and fresh enough to decide to head to the hospital early to show some solidarity with the junior doctors who are striking today.
To find out more about the junior doctors strike, follow this link.

To kill two birds with a stone I decided to park the car a good distance away from the hospital to get a decent Janathon walk in. As it happens I underestimated the distance and ended up walking longer than expected. More time for Janathon, a bit less for the junior doctors.
When I parked the car at the canal, the sky was just turning red.


By the time I reached the hospital the sky was on fire.


I still managed to squeeze in a lunch time walk, clocking up a whopping 12K for today.
It didn’t rain until 4:30pm, which would have been just when I was cycling to my home visit. I’m glad I changed my plans…

Walk 12K


One thought on “Day 12 – Change of plan

  1. Great pics there Anke, and well done for showing your solidarity.

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