One foot in front of the other

Day 14 – Der innere Schweinehund


For any of you non-German-speakers, der innere Schweinehund is that little inner demon who tries to entice you away from the things you know you ought to do.
German grammar dictates that he is male. I can go along with that. 😁

Bootcamp didn’t happen today. Bed did.

I’m sure I’m not the only one in Britain who felt like this Alaskan wood frog today:


I had to go to see colleagues at the hospital today and managed to park the car a kilometre away to walk the rest, getting at least a bit of a walk in.

Hubby was going out to an open mic night, so I didn’t go for a run as soon as I got home.
I had a cup of tea…
We watched The Chase…
I cooked dinner…
We ate dinner…

With every minute that passed the inner Schweinehund got a bit more smug.
I couldn’t let him win!

In the end I decided to run to the gym and back (1.5K) and do the remaining 3.5K on the treadmill.


The treadmill gave me the chance to do some intervals, and I alternated 300 metres at 10.3 km/h with 200 metres at 11.5 km/h. That averaged a pace of 5:40 mins/km, which is much faster than I manage outdoors these days.

Now I’m home alone. Hubby is out and son has gone back to uni today.
Our son being away has the advantage that I can wander around the landing in the nip without having to fear damaging his impressionable young mind. 😁

Walk 3K
Run 5K

DOWN, inner Schweinehund!


5 thoughts on “Day 14 – Der innere Schweinehund

  1. Well done for beating the demons. Here it was easily a day to let them win….

  2. That poor frog, shame he didn’t have a pink treadmill lol

  3. In the NIP?!!! *laughing*. I have never heard that before. Where’s that one from? Is it one of W’s? (yes, I do that too by the way…)

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