One foot in front of the other

Day 16 – gym


I went to the gym early to avoid the rush, mostly to find out about the latest geeky looking gizmo.


Basically, you take off your shoes and socks and it tells you everything from your weight to what you had for breakfast.
Crucially, it told me that my metabolic age is 8 years younger than my real age – so I like it already!

I haven’t been to the gym since Christmas (apart from Bootcamp), so while I was there I did a circuit of the weight machines.

Weight machines were really good to strengthen my knee – but I intensely dislike them.
I dislike the upper body weights more than the lower body ones.
And I dislike them even more when they are really hard because I haven’t used them for a month.
Never mind, 45 minutes in the gym.

Then hubby and I walked into town for a few errands.
Here’s an obligatory post-Christmas pic of an abandoned Christmas tree. 😁


Gym 45mins
Walk 9K


7 thoughts on “Day 16 – gym

  1. That boditrax thingy is interesting, which gym chain has that?

  2. I saw an abandoned Christmas tree on my run today too- will take photo on next visit.

  3. That machine thingy sounds really clever. Did you have to input loads of data into it?

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