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Day 17 – Snowmen and other creatures


We woke up to the first snow this winter. It was already thawing this morning, but it looked pretty on the way to church.


Between church, shopping and a visit from our daughter and her boyfriend, I managed to go for a run through the wintery scenery.
The paths weren’t icy but slushy instead – the kind of slushy that will be lethal tomorrow if it freezes again overnight.


Every child in England knows that when there is snow, you have to build a snowman there and then, because the snow could be gone tomorrow.

I spotted a fair number of various snow creatures and made a point of stopping for each of them.

Walk 1.5K
Run 7K
Snowmen 6


8 thoughts on “Day 17 – Snowmen and other creatures

  1. Great photos. Lucky you to have snow

  2. I had what can barely be described as “a heavy frost” šŸ˜­

  3. I like snowman #2. You had quite a lot of snow there…

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