One foot in front of the other

Day 18 – The Lion, the Witch and the Buddha


I have always loved cycling. Not so much as a sport but as a means of cheap and environmentally friendly transport.

I used to cycle to work when I worked at the hospital, and when I started working in the community many years ago, I continued cycling on office days. Then I started going on the occasional home visit by bike too.

I gained the reputation of being the slightly eccentric person in the office who did home visits by bike. For a long while I was a bit embarrassed about that, but eventually I took a more evangelical view – if you have a message worth preaching, PREACH IT!

These days roughly a third of my work related mileage is done by bike – weather, distance and circumstances permitting.

Today it was frost-free, dry and almost windless – ideal cycling weather for mid-January.
Double gloved and double buffed I set off.

Today’s journey took me within spitting distance of the Buddhist temple, the Peace Pagoda, a new-age stone circle, a Christian/multifaith community and the Quaker centre. Spirituality galore!

I took a short detour to take some picture at one if joggett’s favourite places.


After a little reluctance the lion took quite a shine to me.
I think I even saw a little tear…


And here’s a proper picture for ‘ya!


Ride 25K
Walk 1K


4 thoughts on “Day 18 – The Lion, the Witch and the Buddha

  1. Love the Peace Pagoda and your pictures.
    Well done for the biking for work thing. I hope you claim your 4p per mile or whatever it is!!

  2. Is that for biking? I think you are amazing and more people should follow your example.

    • 20p per mile? Yes, that’s our bicycle mileage. Not bad compared to the 43 we get for car mileage. Mind you, cyclists need fuel too… 😏

      I cycle for work in a 4 mile radius, beyond that it takes too long. Although our Redway system is not bad, it’s actually quite slow compared to MK road traffic.

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