One foot in front of the other

Day 19 – Another cold bike ride and a puzzled tree


Today I decided to cycle to work again. No home visits booked, so less cycling to do.

It was well below freezing today and considerably colder than yesterday.
By the time I had given the chickens fresh (warm) water and food and also remembered to feed the garden birds, I was late leaving.


I have yet to find gloves which really keep my hands warm when cycling in sub-zero temperature. After a few minutes my fingers felt cold. Then they got colder. Then colder still. Half-way into the journey, my fingers started tingling, then burning. And suddenly they were warm. Which is more than could be said for my feet …

I saw some beautiful landscapes and skyscapes, but I wasn’t going to take my gloves off and fumble for my phone.

I cycled past the guys who were just getting the car wash ready for the day. One was beating the ice out of his chamois leather. What a job in these weather conditions!

Every day when I cycle to work I meet the same guy. We pass each other on the way to work and on the way home. It’s a very strange relationship. I don’t know anything about him, we’ve never said more to each other than a brief hello or a nod, and yet there is a peculiar familiarity…
Today, for the first time I can remember, he was wearing a woolly hat. It *must* be cold!

I arrived happily at work in my pink hijabi look.


Somewhat reluctantly I dragged myself out for a walk at lunchtime. I went to the nearby woods to visit my favourite tree.
I have probably posted pics in previous Janathons, but here’s another one anyway. He always seems surprised to see me. 😁


Despite the very cold weather, I swear the sun gave a little bit of warmth this lunchtime. So hang in there, fellow Janathoners.

Ride 12.5K
Walk 3K


5 thoughts on “Day 19 – Another cold bike ride and a puzzled tree

  1. We’ve all got that complete stranger who strangely has the same routine as us. One day I’m gonna ask what his deal is 😝

  2. love the picture of the tree! I too have a lovely Indian gent with turban (even this morning in the cold!) that I pass when cycling every morning 🙂

  3. Familiar strangers. I have a few of those. Ended up helping one to start running, chatting with another one who turned out to be an amateur bird watcher… They make the road interesting

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