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Day 20 – Another cold start and after-work-run


The day started frosty again.
After yesterday’s cycling journey home it took me literally hours to warm up again. So I was glad that today I had to do a home visit which involved the transporting and setting up of bathing equipment – which meant I could not possibly cycle and had to take the car.
I whacked up the heating in the car as high as I could. It was lovely!

On the way to the office I stopped and walked 100 metres to take this picture of the frozen hazy lake. I’m not sure that counts towards Janathon.


I had decided in the morning that I would start work early, skip lunch and leave at 3 to go for a run on the way home.

Not only did I have my running gear with me, I was wearing it (apart from the running shoes and jacket, which I left in the boot of the car, and the running tights which I was wearing secretly under my trousers).
So it felt more like going to work before running than going for a run after work. 😊

I ran twice around the little woods near my work which was pleasant and somewhere different from my usual haunts.


I quite liked going running before I even get home and will bear that in mind in future.
Only downside is how much I steamed up the car afterwards.

Run 5K


3 thoughts on “Day 20 – Another cold start and after-work-run

  1. Keep up the good work! I went running 5k yesterday too, posted about it on my blog, have a look!

  2. Doing this means there is no procrastinating. Great plan!

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