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Day 21 – It’s a monster (run)

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I missed Bootcamp this morning and I blame my husband – but then, I don’t need much of a reason to not drag myself out of the house at 6:30 on a frosty morning when it’s my day off.
Missing Bootcamp means a second coffee in bed and a little lie-in until daylight. You make up your own mind…

Another cold start. According to the weather forecast it should get quite mild again. And wet. So soon we can moan about the rain again!

I decided to run a 10K loop I used to run when I was preparing for my first 10K run a few years ago.

It probably sounds a bit pathetic, but I only have one pair of three quarter length running leggings and while it’s been so cold I’ve been borrowing husband’s old cycling leggings. Unfortunately he claimed them for himself today. I wore my normal leggings with a pair of running shorts over them. That worked quite well and I didn’t have to worry about icy calves.

My plan was to just run. No stopping for pics or to check time/distance. I stoically plodded along, only stopping once briefly to stretch my legs.
The last 2K or so where really hard. It’s not the easiest route because it gets harder and more hilly at the end.

When I reached home I’d actually run 12K. I had forgotten that the route used to include a 10 minute walk at the beginning and end. No wonder I was tired!

Here’s a picture of a local feature which I took before setting off. Is it a monster?


Run 12K (Longest distance in about 9 months)
Walk 3K (Shopping, allotment, general pottering around)


One thought on “Day 21 – It’s a monster (run)

  1. It is a good job you didn’t remember about your 10min walk during the run. Well done on keeping going.

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