One foot in front of the other

Day 24 – DIY gets in the way

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Today was the first day of laying the floor boards. Husband had made a start while I was in church.

I hate DIY and it really isn’t how I’d ideally spend my Sunday. But it didn’t seem right to leave him on his own…
Relationships and doing things for each other we don’t really want to do is probably a good topic for another blog. Sometime.

It took me a while to get into the right mental zone – somewhere between the mooching-around-like-a-surly-teenager and thinking-you-know-it-better-despite-not-having-a-clue stages. But eventually I hitched up my good churchy Sunday skirt and made myself useful. Even quite enjoyed myself.


I’m glad I had opted for the slow cooker for Sunday dinner, because the kitchen became the only available space for sawing the wood, which made for interesting cooking.

At 4pm I managed to head out for a run. Pace 5:52 mins/km.
Give me a 6K run over DIY anytime!

Run 6K
Walk 1K
Laying floor boards: 4hrs
Patience: like a saint


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