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Day 26 – Long day in the office and storm Jonas

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Today it was my turn to sit at my desk all day, taking duty calls. My least favourite day of the month. Partly because I hate being stuck in the office all day, partly because I have to work 9-5 instead of my usual 8-4.

All the more frustrating because my  aim to cycle as usual was scuppered by the weather as the tail end of storm Jonas was expected to hit the UK with gales and heavy rain. I can handle the rain when cycling, but I’m not keen on gale force winds.

By chance I passed this street art in an underpass today. Surely a picture of storm Jonas…


I decided to walk into work and get the bus home. It makes for a long day, but means I get some fresh air before the weather sets in.

I started the day with some serious upper body workout – French plaiting my hair. Hopefully it will be gale-force-wind-proof.


It was quite nice walking to work.
I thought you might be bored with nature pictures by now, so I took this picture during my walk instead.


Work was hectic and I took a call at ten to five. By the time I had dealt with it, I  was half an hour late.

On my way home I learned that travelling by bus requires a whole different set of skills.
When I checked the bus times I realised I had just missed a bus, so I decided to walk to a different bus stop to intercept a different bus there.
There I found out that the next bus was not for 17 minutes – enough time to walk a bit further.
As soon as I got to the next stop a bus appeared in the distance. I couldn’t read the number… and by the time I could decipher it, realised it was my bus and stuck my hand out, it was already upon me.
“Too late”,  I thought, “he’ll pass by” – but the lovely bus driver managed to stop for me just in time.
I was so elated that I told him he was “my favourite bus driver today!” (omitting the fact that he was my only bus driver today) He’ll never know!

Walk 9K


One thought on “Day 26 – Long day in the office and storm Jonas

  1. Those dilapidated garages really bring out the beauty in urban decay 😏

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