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Day 29 – The End is Nigh


Today is definitely one of those days when I would not even have considered going out for a run, was it not for Janathon. But the end is nigh and it would be a shame to give up now.

It was blustery, cold and drizzly. Husband left for work after lunch and I started to consider a run.

The wind was easing off slightly and it was getting drier.
Given time commitments and weather forecast today might be the last chance for a longer run before the end of Janathon, so off I went…

I ran past the old Reading Room where Queen Victoria waited for her Royal train to be refuelled and watered.

The present Royal train is still kept here somewhere, although I don’t know where and have never seen it.
Most of the old railway sheds are either derelict or have been turned into modern apartments.

I kept going along the canal. Past the primary school where husband is making charcoal with the children in year 4 today. He promised to bring me a piece home.

And finally to where the canal leaves the town in a big loop.

I used to love it here because it’s quiet and I don’t have to dodge children, dogs or cyclists.
Unfortunately it’s a while since I’ve been here and – unbeknown to me – with the growth of the nearby estate the area is being turned into a public park. It looked nice enough, but it meant other PEOPLE!
It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that I would have to share my sanctuary with a bunch of strangers.

I ran past the old ruined church in the middle of nowhere. People must have really wanted to go to church back then. Miles away!

When I turned off from the canal I no longer had the wind behind me, but the old railway walk offered some wind protection.
The last stretch is always the hardest. Up the hill and into the headwind.

Run 10K
Walk 2K


4 thoughts on “Day 29 – The End is Nigh

  1. I’ve still got big love in my heart for the grand union down around your way. There’s a long skinny metal boat somewhere in my future.

  2. They should do. It’s a long skinny country after all.

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