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Day 30 – Lads in the gym and thieving mice


I went back to the gym. Mostly for a final Janathon weigh-in, but while I was there I did my usual circuit of weights and resistance machines.


Saturday mornings draw in “the lads” and it occurs to me that they are a very different gym breed. Unlike me who tries to get the whole gym thing over and done with as quickly as possible, they seem to really enjoy themselves.
Helping each other with the weights and taking it in turns, exchanging exercise tips and laughs… who would have thought that gym can be fun?

I am now back to my usual weight. People say that they tend to gain weight in the winter, but I seem to put on a few pounds in the summer when the living is easy, I eat my way through the allotment and am less focused on exercising.

The rest of the day was dedicated to DIY, housework and various errands.

I went to the allotment to take this week’s compost, which I layer carefully with torn up newspaper. It occurred to me that neither last week’s compost nor the newspaper was actually in the compost bin. I suspect that mice or similar creatures have been stealing them for weeks.
Ah well, I left the compost again and tore up some more newspaper.
It’s a long winter for allotment mice too.


Gym 45 mins
Walk 4.5K


3 thoughts on “Day 30 – Lads in the gym and thieving mice

  1. The best gym I ever went to was reps in the agora. I used to get a lot of support and sympathy for being such a weed.

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