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Sunday Run

On Thursday I went back to Bootcamp, after a 4 week break. And the inevitable happened – I was pretty much unable to move for the next two days!

By Sunday I finally felt I could ignore the residual aches and pains, skip church and go for a nice long run. The weather was blowy, crisp and sunny, with just the odd spatter of rain.

I took a slightly off-the-beaten-track route. Those are always my favourite. I like to run along those hidden paths. The kind of places where my husband reckons I will one day chance upon a drugs deal or a dead body…


Along the railway track and over the little bridge. I’m sure that’s not a rude graffiti.


12.5K in 1:15:01.

Getting home I did a few good stretches. I feel I’ve¬†followed enough Yoga videos to be able to throw a few shapes in the right directions.

The oxtail stew is in the slow cooker, husband is pottering in the shed and the rest of the day is really my own.

Laters! x