One foot in front of the other


Day 7 – first time back at the gym

Today was my first day back at the gym since December. It wasn’t as busy as expected. To be honest, I mostly went to ask about the online booking system for classes, and to weigh myself (gained one kilo over Christmas – it could be worse). 

I only spent 10 minutes on the rowing machine, then I got bored… but I clocked up 2 miles by running to the gym and back. In the process I found out just how warm my new fleecy top is (the temperature is about 10 degrees C higher today than yesterday, so perhaps today wasn’t the best day to try!) 

This evening I’m going to a barn dance. I may add that to the tally when I get back. 

Run: 2 miles

Gym: 10 mins

Barn dance: FUN!