One foot in front of the other

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Day 24 – Lunchtime walk with colleagues 



Back to work today, so I had limited time for exercising. I managed to get together with a few colleagues for a lunch time walk though. We used to have a daily walking group, but that sadly disbanded a couple of years ago when work pressures got too much. I really enjoyed the company and the chatting.

Walk: 2.3 miles
Yoga: 20 minutes



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Day 23 – At the swimming pool 

As planned I went to the swimming pool today. The first time in probably a year!
It wasn’t too busy, so I quite enjoyed the experience as I ploughed through the water. I managed four lanes in about 3 minutes, so it was easy to keep count. I alternated two lanes of breast stroke with two lanes of front crawl/back stroke.
And 10 minutes in the steam room to round it all off!

Walk: 1 mile
Swim: 1000m


Day 22 -My hip is still niggling … :(

I haven’t run for a couple of days, but my right hip is still niggling me. Even during a gentle walk I can feel it – a dull ache deep in the back of my hip.

I’ve decided to stick with stretching and to lay off running for a while. It’s frustrating because I wanted to run as much as possible this Janathon (which, arguably, is possibly why I have a painful hip in the first place…)
Tomorrow I might try swimming instead.

As a little perk, my walk took me past some pretty places along the Grand Union Canal. See for yourself.


Walk: 3.2 miles
Yoga: 30 minutes

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Day 21 – Willow harvest 

Today I went to the first part of a basket making course, which involved cutting willow and other material. It was great fun and I’m looking forward to the second part which won’t be until March.
I really enjoyed being out in the fresh air, learning something new and meeting new people.

Basket making takes me back to my training as an occupational therapist – but realistically I haven’t used those skills in my work.

Later in the evening I tried another Yoga for runners video. I wouldn’t really call it Yoga in the traditional sense, but I certainly enjoyed the stretches.

Bike ride: 12.3 miles
Walk: 1 mile
Yoga: 40 minutes

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Day 20 – Hip pain 

Friday is now Bodypump day. It was very frosty. I took a gentle jog to the gym and stopped at the local community orchard for a few pics.

Bodypump was fine. I even increased the weights for some of the exercises.
Sadly my right hip is still playing up, and definitely aggravated by running. Could it be bursitis? I think I will reduce my running mileage, stretch and try painkillers. The usual stuff…

Run: 2 miles
Bodypump: 60 minutes
Yoga: 20 minutes

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Day 19 – More Yoga for Runners

I was off work today and it was a beautiful day as well. Still, my right hip is niggling me a bit and I thought a gentle day was a good idea. I went to the allotment and shopping, but that doesn’t amount to much.

So I found another Yoga for Runners video, which I came across last year.

This evening I am starting rehearsals with the local amateur dramatics group for Godspell the musical. That should be fairly energetic, and I am really looking forward to it!

Yoga: 25 minutes

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Day 18 – More cycling

Today I cycled to work again. I’m pretty well kitted out these days, but when it is so cold I suffer terribly with cold feet. So I treated myself to some water (and wind)proof cycle overshoes. And boy, do they make a difference. They may look a bit strange, but they definitely do the job!

I did a couple of home visits by bike too, in different parts of town, thereby clocking up a fair amount of mileage.
Now I’m home with a fire in the wood burner. Have a good evening!

Bike ride: 21.6 miles
Walk: 2 miles