One foot in front of the other

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Day 30 – Foggy day

Back to work today. I cycled to work and did a home visit by bike too. It was foggy but mild, that’s good enough for me.

Back home I did another day in the Yoga challenge with the lovely Adriene. Day 3.
I really enjoy it so far, much more than just doing hip and leg stretches. The exercises are gentle in some parts and quite challenging in others.

Bike ride: 14.6 miles
Yoga: 25 minutes


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Day 27 – Permanent Residence 

I have finally given up on Janathon exercises, decided to rest until my hip and knee feel better. I cancelled Bodypump today, but it didn’t stop me cycling to the post office to collect my long awaited permanent residence card. One small step towards securing my life in this country! 

Bike ride: 3.2 miles

Yoga: 20 minutes 

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Day 18 – More cycling

Today I cycled to work again. I’m pretty well kitted out these days, but when it is so cold I suffer terribly with cold feet. So I treated myself to some water (and wind)proof cycle overshoes. And boy, do they make a difference. They may look a bit strange, but they definitely do the job!

I did a couple of home visits by bike too, in different parts of town, thereby clocking up a fair amount of mileage.
Now I’m home with a fire in the wood burner. Have a good evening!

Bike ride: 21.6 miles
Walk: 2 miles