One foot in front of the other


Day 28 – Walk to the nature reserve 

Today I managed to persuade hubby to coming for a walk with me. We walked to the local nature reserve, which – until a couple of years ago – was a gravel pit.
We didn’t see many birds, but it was a nice walk anyway. Next time we’ll come prepare with binoculars and a bird identifier.

After returning home I signed up to Adriene’s 31 day Yoga challenge. Adriene is very young and sweet, and find everything “yummy”. I’m sure we’ll get on fine!

Walk: 4 miles
Yoga: 30 minutes


Day 4 – Challenge met

Yesterday knitrun4sanity and fitflo challenged me to try running for a third day in a  row. So I did…and managed without too much trouble. Yay!

I bought new running shoes recently and over the last couple if days I felt my feet were slapping really hard on the pavement. Today I wore the insoles from my old running shoes, which made things a lot  better. (Must get new insoles asap)

I set off into a  beautiful pale dawn sky, sparing a fleeting thought (of Schadenfreude, haha) to those who were setting off for work.


Passing a couple of schools I saw a fair few tired looking parents and glum school children. Good luck to them all!

Back home I had to take the little Bah Humbug tree down a little sooner than planned. Because DIY!
But I managed to hang on to a little festive cheer.


Run 6K
Walk 3.5K