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Day 30 – Foggy day

Back to work today. I cycled to work and did a home visit by bike too. It was foggy but mild, that’s good enough for me.

Back home I did another day in the Yoga challenge with the lovely Adriene. Day 3.
I really enjoy it so far, much more than just doing hip and leg stretches. The exercises are gentle in some parts and quite challenging in others.

Bike ride: 14.6 miles
Yoga: 25 minutes



Foggy day. Janathon Day 4

What I love about Janathon is that it motivates me to go out when I  normally wouldn’t dream of it. Like today.

Freezing fog?? I mean! Why not stay indoors with a mug of hot chocolate and a good movie?
But it’s Janathon… so off I went.

This is what I headed out into.


‘Orrible, I hear you say.
But on closer inspection it was quite pretty.


And the cold meant that I kept up a good pace. 7.5 k at a pace of 5:51 mins/km. Perhaps all those treadmill runs are paying off. This is certainly a good pace for me for an outdoor run. 😀

Walk: 1k
Run: 7.5k

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Janathon day 21 – foggy morning

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday: 7 miles commute to and from work on my pink bile and a 2 mile walk at lunch-time.

When I have office-based days like today, I really am glad when I get to exercise outside. The weather was beautiful too … although it started off pretty foggy this morning.


When I reached the office, the fog was starting to lift and blue sky was beginning to show.


Tomorrow I am hoping to make time for an evening run or visit to the gym.


Total running: 40.1 miles
Total walking: 35.2 miles
Total cycling: 35 miles
Total Yoga: 1 hr 25 minutes