One foot in front of the other

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Day 25 – Knee bursitis 

Grrr. Having been careful of my painful right hip (which seems to be better, by the way), I now have some mild pain in my right knee – especially when walking up or downstairs.
The symptoms (self diagnosed) sound like Pes Anserine Bursitis. Irritatingly, according to this article, it can be caused by running (which I have avoided) and swimming (which I have been doing in replacement of running!).
Now I’m feeling old. Perhaps my achy 50-year-old bones are not up to the Janathon challenge anymore! Or perhaps I’ve just pushed myself too much?

I found some simple and quick exercises to strengthen the knee:

Walk: 2.7 miles
Yoga: 30 minutes


Let’s hear it for the gym! Janathon Day 22

To be honest, I much rather be outdoors than in the gym, but I am sure that regular gym attendances have improved my fitness.

Last year, not long after Janathon had ended, I took a bad fall on the pavement, which caused my right knee to be anything from ‘feeling not quite right’ to downright painful and creaky for months.bruised knee 2

It got better, but not perfect, and I was careful with exercising.

Then, in September, I joined the People’s March for the NHS for the last 70 miles or so on their 300 mile march from Jarrow to London. It was a brilliant experience and great for my political muscle … but it aggravated my knee again.

So I gave up running for a bit – and eventually dared to buy some new running shoes and tentatively try the treadmill in the gym.

I also started using the weight and resistance machines, which I had always found (still do, I guess) tedious and boring.
I am sure they have played a big part in strengthening the muscles around my knee, because even with the increased running I am doing during this Janathon, I have not had any knee trouble. Happy!

Today I ran on the treadmill for 30 mins, doing speed work – roughly something like 120-150 secs at 11.5km/hr followed by 60-90 secs at 9.8km/hr. Overall pace was 5:36 mins/km, which is probably something of a PB.


Walk: 3K
Run: 5K
Weights: 30 mins


To Janathon or not to Janathon?

It’s a long while since I have blogged, but I am back into running.
My knee is finally better. I must admit that regular visits to the gym and using those pesky machines, really seems to have made a difference in strengthening the muscles and supporting the joint.

I even bought new running shoes, so there is no excuse!


Hoping to catch up with some old Janathoners and also that the weather will be kind to us!

Now all that’s left is finding out how to register. I can’t remember …

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First tentative run …

This morning I set out to give my bruised leg a try. The swelling has gone down a fair bit and the although the bruises have spread even further down my shin, they are definitely fading.

bruised knee 2

It was raining and I wasn’t feeling my best anyway … but I set of nonetheless.

I managed 2.54 K at a fairly slow pace of 06:12 min/km. It felt sluggish and my knee was a bit achey – but all in all it went well. I am pleased to just have given it a go.

Hopefully the rest of the day will be fairly sunny and dry. We deserve it!



The knee

Here’s an update on my knee.

It came out in some pretty good bruising – the photo doesn’t really do it justice.
However, it is feeling much less tight and painful. I am able to drive the car and walk up/downstairs normally.

My physio colleague thinks it’s unlikely that I have done any serious damage. I will rest for a couple of days and see how I feel then.



Taking a fall

I promised that i would come and tell you about how I got on with the running club.

So yesterday evening I set out in the dark to run the mile to the meeting place for the running club. I even had my daughter’s old smart phone with the much desired MapMyRun app installed!

1 K into the run I tripped over a raised manhole cover and took a pretty bad fall. My right knee caught the brunt of it and I then bounced onto my left side which scraped across the pavement.

There was nobody in sight, so I picked myself up and walked back home. I arrived shaking with cold (and possibly a bit of the shock of it all).

This morning my right knee is quite swollen, bruised and stiff – but it seems to be moving in all the right directions, so hopefully no serious damage done. I will ask my physio colleague at work to have a look at it.
My left side (face, boob and wrist) are a bit scraped, but nothing too serious.

Bummer – however, thanks to the MapMyRun app I can report that I was running a 5:43 min/km pace when I took my tumble. So all in all not a bad time. 🙂

I guess I will have to take it easy for a few days …