One foot in front of the other


Day 28 – Walk to the nature reserve 

Today I managed to persuade hubby to coming for a walk with me. We walked to the local nature reserve, which – until a couple of years ago – was a gravel pit.
We didn’t see many birds, but it was a nice walk anyway. Next time we’ll come prepare with binoculars and a bird identifier.

After returning home I signed up to Adriene’s 31 day Yoga challenge. Adriene is very young and sweet, and find everything “yummy”. I’m sure we’ll get on fine!

Walk: 4 miles
Yoga: 30 minutes



Much more than a run

Today I was supposed to repeat last week’s 8K and try to improve my time. But due to circumstances I felt I needed a longer get-away-from-everything-and-clear-your-head kind of run.

Some of you might remember my maternal angst when our daughter met her boyfriend 13 months ago. If not, you can read it here.
imageAs it happened, the Bass and Drum guy turned out to be a nice sort and they have been together ever since.

Today my daughter officially moved out. Realistically, she hasn’t been home much for the last year, but this is official. Her boxes have gone and her room is empty.

I know I should feel proud and happy for her, and perhaps even a bit relieved. But all I feel is a sense of loss.

Her boxes have gone, but one is left and I dare not lift the lid.
The box that is filled with anxieties about getting older and coming to the end of my childbearing years (and therefore to the end of my biological purpose); about my body changing and me not feeling in tune with it anymore; about dynamics in the household shifting and us all having to find a way to adjust to that; about me having to reappraise, perhaps even reinvent, my role as a mother, wife and friend…

Perhaps you can see why a longer run was needed.

I headed out along the canal. The old disused arm of the Buckingham canal attracts very few walkers and is a quiet and isolated place – good for shedding the odd tear or even shouting into the void.
But by the time I reached it, I was already feeling better and became absorbed in the fresh air, sunshine, ancient hedgerows and birdsong.

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A sense of hope and new opportunities.
In a few months  this:image

will look like this:image

So for now the lid on my box remains shut.
But it seems to me one of corners has come loose…

Run: 11K in 1:07:48. Some extra time for taking pics and pretty slippery mud along the old canal.


More errands by running. Janathon Day 23

Today I took my errands by running strategy to new heights and ran further than I have ever done. I blame my husband!

I needed more wool and had planned to run to the wool shop, which is 3km away. 6km is a nice and manageable distance…
But then I wanted to buy ink cartridges for the printer too – and PC World is 5km in the other direction. Too far to run to both places, isn’t it? I decided to cycle.

But this morning started very cold and frosty at minus 3 Celsius… and I worry about skidding on ice on my bike.
So my husband suggested that I could run and switch to the bus, if needed. So I set off with my small running backpack.

The first leg was just under 5k – by which time I could shed my gloves and my feet were just warming up.
Ink cartridges purchased I continued on.
The second leg was longer and hillier and took me past the lake I have walked around a couple of times this Janathon.
I spotted a kingfisher with its bright blue back flashing brilliantly in the sunlight, and a flock of gulls walking on the water.

The second leg dragged on, but I made it. Decided that I would definitely take the bus home. Discussed the issue with the Sikh guy in the wool shop and an elderly lady customer with a double hip replacement. He suggested I should consider walking the rest of the way, she thought that not keeping running was cheating!
Having stopped at the café and fuelled by a large mug of hot chocolate and cream I decided to continue running.

15.15 K! That’s 9.4 miles and the furthest I have ever run! Half marathon next??

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Walk 1K
Run 15K


Skyscapes. Janathon Day 20

Day 20! This Janathon is flying by.

Today started with temperatures below zero, but the sky was beautiful. Driving to work I kept catching glimpses of the pink cloud formations against the sky, wondering whether I could stop for a pic. In the end I managed to capture it when I arrived at work.

I feel that I should go running again … but today I settled for another lunchtime walk and Yoga in the evening.

Tomorrow I will definitely try to go running!

Walk 5K
Yoga 10 mins