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Day 29 – The Pool (again) 


For variety I went back to the pool today. Because I’m still protective of my knee, I did less breast stroke and more front crawl. So far my legs seem fine.
There were only two lanes, and I found myself too fast for the slow lane and a bit slow for the fast lane. I opted for the  faster lane and made sure I waited at the ends to et the faster swimmers pass. It’s a little frustrating when you can’t swim at your own pace – but I expect it’s easier to let faster people pass than to find yourself stuck behind a slower swimmer.

I hope you like my arty locker shot.

Swimming: 1000 metres
Walk: 1 miles
Yoga: 30 minutes


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Day 23 – At the swimming pool 

As planned I went to the swimming pool today. The first time in probably a year!
It wasn’t too busy, so I quite enjoyed the experience as I ploughed through the water. I managed four lanes in about 3 minutes, so it was easy to keep count. I alternated two lanes of breast stroke with two lanes of front crawl/back stroke.
And 10 minutes in the steam room to round it all off!

Walk: 1 mile
Swim: 1000m


Back pain


Help! Time to admit it, I’ve had a niggling lower backpain for a week or two now. Although mostly aggravated by sitting, I am sure that my increased running must be a contributing factor.

I’ve decided to go for a swim instead today and focus on yoga and stretching until my next long run on Sunday.


Any other ideas on how to combat lower back pain? All suggestions welcome!