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Day 31 – Final tally

Just a brief lunchtime walk. I spotted some snowdrops – perhaps a reminder that January (and therefore Janathon) is over and we are one step closer to spring.

Walk: 2.1 miles
Yoga: 20 minutes

And here is the final Janathon tally:

Run: 39.2 miles
Bike: 58.2 miles
Walk: 37.4 miles
Gym: 4 hrs 20 mins
Yoga: 5 hrs 20 mins
Swim: 2000 m
Barn dance : 1

I didn’t meet my goal of increasing my running due to hip trouble, but on a plus side I got into yoga and swimming.

I exercised every day. The weather wasn’t too shabby. Janathon was fun. Goodbye until next year! x



Day 31 – We made it!


Janathoners, I salute you!

We made it to the end of the month!
Whether you exceeded your wildest dreams or didn’t reach your goals, or even whether you don’t know or care about Janathon – we reached the end of the month and are just that bit closer to spring! 😊


Here at least January ended as it started – cold, wet and windy.
My obsessive compulsive bend got the better of me when I decided a 6K run would bring my Janathon tally to a nice round 120K.
I ran in one direction for 3K, then ran back again. Pace 5:43 mins/km.

Here’s what I loved about this Janathon:

1) It got me through the dreary January

2) I got to catch up with old friends and make a few new ones

3) I was reminded how amazing the human body is and how much we can achieve when we train body and mind (at least as long as we cab avoid illness or injury)

4) I got to like the idea of having my running gear in the boot of the car for when I finish work. I’ll try and make that a habit.

5) I got to buy new running shoes!

Run 6K
Ride 3.5K

Overall stats for Janathon 2016:

Run 120K
Walk 110K
Ride 83K
Yoga 2hrs
Bootcamp 45mins
Gym 2hrs 15mins

I spent almost 40 hours exercising and burnt 16.000 calories.

What next?

I have no runs planned, but I will probably keep up the running and join the local running club again when the clocks change and evenings get lighter.

Once things hot up on the allotment, my running falls by the wayside until the autumn.
I will try to pop in once in a while, but you can also follow me on my allotment blog where I will be plotting away